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Surface Protection Aberdeen

TSB Local Pride Mural

Who and where was the customer?

TSB Local Pride recognised Dennis Law Streetsport for their great work i the community and commissioned a 22 meter high mural to be painted on the gable end of the CNR international building in Aberdeen.

Your can find out more about the project from -

TSB local PrideDennis Law StreetSport and Pride of Sport Awards

What were the customers requirements?

To protect the surface surface prior to it being painted. The protection ensures that no residue will remain when the mural is washed off by us 3 months later.

What did we do help the customer?

At extremely short notice we were able to work with the clients to ensure the surface was suitably protected prior to any paint being applied.

Were there any problems along the way?

Due to the time constraints and severe weather at the time it required significant reactive coordination to ensure the surface was ready in time.

What was the outcome?

The entire gable end was protected in time and the mural could be created. This would not of been possible without the exceptional efforts from local scaffolding firm AbScaff.

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