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Shot Blasting Cast Iron, Hotel Indigo, Dundee

Extensive coating removal and brick cleaning

Who and where was the customer?

A listed former Jute Mill in Dundee which was being converted into the stunning a Hotel Indigo

What were the customers requirements?

To fully strip all Cast iron columns, beams and roof trusses ahead of fire proofing.

Clean brickwork of efflorescence and graffiti.

What did we do help the customer?

Using a combination of dry blasting and dustless blasting we prepared over:

440 Columns (Almost 2 km total height!)

3700 km of beams

50 decorative trusses at 5 meters each

Were there any problems along the way?

As we were first on site access was the biggest problem at the start, with no hoist installed we had to move 1T of abrasive up 11 flights of stairs by hand everyday!

What was the outcome?

All Cast iron fully stripped and fireproofed for decades to come.

Efflorescence and biological staining was completely removed

Where can I see more?

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