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Paint Removal, Dymocks Building, Bo'ness

Who and where was the customer?

The Grade A listed Dymocks building in Bo'Ness, is an old merchants house built before 1650. The building had recently undergone external maintenance where it had been entirely painted in modern masonry paint instead of traditional limewash.

Employed by the Main Contractor working closely with HES and The Scottish Lime Centre.

More information about Dymocks can be found here:

What were the customers requirements?

To completely remove all modern masonry paint without damaging the underlying lime render.

What did we do help the customer?

After extensive trials and inspections it was agreed that a combination of the DOFF system and Paint softeners was to be used.

Were there any problems along the way?


What was the outcome?

All masonry paint was removed to a very high standard.

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