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Shot Blasting, Belushis, Edinburgh

Extensive shot blasting to structural steel

Who and where was the customer?

Beds and Bars (Belushis), Market Street, Edinburgh

What were the customers requirements?

To fully strip all structural Steel and prepare ahead of fire proofing.

What did we do help the customer?

Using predomintenly dry blasting we blasted over 100 sqm of structrual steel beams and a huge 300sqm steel deck

Were there any problems along the way?

Working in the city center access is always going to be an issue, especially on Edinburghs busiest street. Working closely with the council we were able to secure a small compound where we could site our equipment. 

Secondly dust was the biggest problem as it could not be vented anywhere (due to location and time constraints limited what we could do), we instead opted to install tempoarary air cleaners which worked well enough. Unfortunately the building had been taken right back to the shell which led to there being significant hidden gaps through to the adjacent properties. Thankfully we were able to work closely with them to remove all dust and seal the work area when we located the gaps.

What was the outcome?

All steel work was prepeared to industry standard to enable a long lasting fireproof coating to be applied.

Client, Main Contractor and neighbours all delighted to have works successfully completed 

Where can I see more?

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