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K Rend Cleaning, Ore Valley Business Centre

Who and where was the customer?

Ore Valley Housing Association in Lochgelly has a relatively new business centre with space to rent state-of-the-art offices to start up businesses  

What were the customers requirements?

The lower areas of K Rend, In particular the entrance area had suffered damaging water related soiling over a couple of years. This had resulted in extensive black and green staining taking hold.

What did we do help the customer?

Using our DOFF superheated water system we were able to effectively remove and kill off the soiling. Due to the DOFF ability to operate at extremely low pressures this insured that the render was not damaged in any way.

Were there any problems along the way?

Due to its proximity to a busy pedestrian walkway sufficient control measures had to be put in place to protect the general public.

What was the outcome?

All lower areas cleaned effectively without any damage being caused to the substrate.

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