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Soda Blasting

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Soda blasting is the method of using compressed air and Sodium Bicarbonate to remove all types of coatings, grease, oil, carbon and dirt from the most sensitive of surfaces. Typically used on applications where there can be no damage done to the subsrate, it will not leave any etch on even the softest of metals.

Soda blasting can also be very effectively used to remove paint from wood and other soft materials.  Soda will not damage bearings, rubber or anodised coatings.

Due to the natural cleaning abilities of soda it is particulary effective at removing and deoderising smoke/soot damage.

Sodium Bicarbonate is non-flammable and non-sparking and can be used in hazardous duty areas, such as petrochemical plants. It is also food safe, so is ideal for cleaning in food processing applications. Soda is water soluble and will not damage glass or rubber seals.

The only real limit to soda blastings applications is your imagination, here are some examples of where it is commonly used -

  • Commerical - Stainless Steel Cleaning
  • Automotive - Paint removal and degreasing
  • Marine - Anti-fouling removal and Metal Cleaning (will not etch the softest metals/alloys)
  • Aeronautical -  Paint Removal and degreasing
  • Industrial - Cleaning Food Preperation equipment, Paint removal
  • Fire Damage Restoration
  • Coating removal
  • Oil/Grease
  • Smoke and Soot
  • Sensitive surfaces
  • Water Soluble
  • Will not damage glass
  • Will not damage seals
  • Will not generate heat

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