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Poultice and Chemical Cleaning

Chemical and Poultice cleaning are particularly suited to areas where other methods may not be appropriate.

These areas can include extremely sensitive historical stonework and areas where water or dust cannot be used (such as churches).

They can also be used to remove extremely stubborn paints and staining where a long contact time helps to emulsify and draw out the stains.

What is a poultice?

A poultice is a thick paste containing active chemicals that is trowled onto a surface and covered. Encasing the active chemicals in a paste keeps the surface moist and drastically increases their effectiveness. The paste is left typically left on for 24 - 48hrs before being peeled or scraped off.

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  • Extremely Sensitive Surfaces
  • Stubborn coatings and stains
  • No water required
  • No dust ceated

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