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Dry and Wet Blasting

Air Abrasives used how and when they should be

Our “MicroStrip” system allows us to offer you the full range of blast media for blast cleaning in any situation. The method of operation is essentially the same as our soda blasting services, but we have a range of alternative media and equipment to choose from to suit the particular needs of any given project. For example there are abrasives specifically designed for cleaning “green” oak beams, others, that are more suited to carbon and atmospheric pollution removal from stone facades etc. Where specified by Architects, Local Authorities or Historic Building work, we can also offer the “Torc” or “Swirling Vortex” System for stone cleaning. Whatever you need stripped or cleaned we will likely have a solution for you.

All this can be offered as a dry or wet application, this further goes to ensure we have the solution for you. Using a Wet blasting system during paint removal can be particularly beneficial. The water introduced at the nozzle significantly supressing dust and helping contain any harmful chemicals within the paint. Water can also be used to soften the impact of abrasive which enables us further control over the end result.

Is this not just Sand Blasting?

Whilst it is the same process (abrasive mixed with compressed air), using sand as an abrasive has been illegal in the uk for many years. Silica sand has been proven to be seriously hazerdous to health as it is a leading contributor to Silicosis and respitory disease. We take our employees health very seriously and as such are supplied with respitory protection far exceeding that stipulated by HSE.

  • Dry Blasting
  • Wet Blasting
  • Swirling Vortex Blasting (TORC)
  • Paint Removal
  • Surface Cleaning
  • Surface Preparation

Other Systems


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